Experience is All the Difference in CBD Brands

Consumers have hundreds of brands to choose from when it comes to shopping for topical pain relief products. The industry is a bit of a Wild West these days with a new brand popping up every day and a myriad of new plant-based ingredients. So how does the consumer decide on a brand to spend their hard-earned money with? Well, a brands experience in the field is a good starting point.

CBD Research Labs is an offshoot of my professional laboratory, Newport Cosmeceuticals and our experience speaks for itself. For 25 years I have been creating premium products and serving doctors in need of pharmaceutical grade compounds.

It’s true: while there are literally hundreds of brands out there, few have the experience needed to make product that actually deliver results. Most brands are actually just private labeled — i.e, sourced from anonymous bulk suppliers, nicely rebranded, and then seriously marked up.

Not our products, everything is developed, tested, refined formulated, bottled and packaged in-house and we don’t offer this service for other brands. Our unique formulas are only available under the brands that we can ensure the quality of.

We have also chose to focus on topical products, the area where I have 25 years of experience with. CBD Research Labs does not and will not produce ingestibles products (like gummies and sublingual oils). We take this moral approach because we feel that the research on them just isn’t there yet. The recent clamp down from the FDA further assures us that our approach is a correct one. 

Real Experience, Real Results

For a topical to be effective, there has to be research behind it. You can’t just blend a series of compounds together and hope they work. Specificity is a must. I have my entire professional career developing products that provide a very specific result.

My first introduction into pharma-grade formulations that delivered real results came when I interned for dermatologist and researcher James Fulton, one half of the team that invented Retin-A for acne treatments. My biggest take away from this experience was that, through thorough research, I could develop products that actually help people.

From that point forward, I was convinced: topical formulations can radically change people’s lives. In 1996 I opened Newport Cosmeceuticals, a fully operational scientific formulation laboratory based in Newport Beach, California.

At Newport, I have created hundreds of advanced topical & skincare products, with proven results — far superior to anything available in drug or department stores.

Most of the formulas I developed fall under private-label agreements, so their names can’t be disclosed…but here’s one example of the type of products we’re talking about. Have you heard of the topical pain relief gel BioFreeze? Probably so! Today BioFreeze is globally known for its effectiveness. People swear by it. What you likely don’t know…is that I was the original formulator of BioFreeze.

Despite the success of BioFreeze, the compound I’m most proud of is XcellaD. XcellaD is the key ‘delivery’ compound featured in Cryo Pain Relief, the pain relief gel I created. XcellaD’s development started when I was approached by dermatologists that specialized in laser tattoo removal…

Their dilemma? When they applied Lidocaine to a patient’s skin, it didn’t have much of a numbing effect. They told me stories of patients that would jump off the table in pain once the laser hit their skin. The topical application of Lidocaine was just not penetrating the skin and reaching those transdermal layers where pain receptors lie. So XcellaD was developed to target those pain receptors and deliver Lidocaine directly to nerve receptors.


XcellaD is a delivery compound, meaning it’s able to help other substances penetrate past the epidermis to the dermis, where pain-sensing nerve receptors lie.

In the case of Cryo Pain Relief gel, XcellaD isn’t helping shuttle lidocaine into your system. Instead, Cryo Pain Relief contains purified plant-based isolate — which XcellaD delivers directly to nerve receptors all the same. This plant-based isolate has been found to have pain blocking capabilities, but getting to the nerve receptors deep under the skin is what is needed to make it truly effective.

There are three types of plant based compounds that we see in the burgeoning marketplace: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. Yet only isolate is a small enough molecule to penetrate through the skin’s barrier down to the dermis. Pain relief products that feature anything but isolate will not be as effective in relieving pain.

From Strength to Strength

To summarize, Cryo Pain Relief is more than just another pain relief product — it’s a distillation of all the lessons learned (and all the discoveries made!) over my 25 years of product research and development. From the basis for BioFreeze to the formulation of XcellaD to the recent advancements with purified isolate…

…It’s all served as a catalyst towards the creation of Cryo Pain Relief. And this final combination is the one that truly delivers pain relief to those that need it most.

For those that have specific questions, feel free to drop me a line directly.

[email protected]

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chief Research Officer and CEO of CBD Research Laboratories, Andrew Bryden founded Newport Cosmeceuticals in 1996. His twenty-five plus years as a research scientist has always been focused on his moral approach to help those that are in need. Andrew continues to push the envelope of medical advancement and only develops products that deliver lasting results.

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