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Cryopain Relief Interview with Creator

SEE WHAT OUR 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN TOPICAL FORMULATION MEANS FOR PAIN RELIEF.​ For 25 years, chemist Andrew Bryden has been developing topical formulations to solve problems, from skin care that successfully fights acne to custom topicals used in … Read More

Experience is All the Difference in CBD Brands

Consumers have hundreds of brands to choose from when it comes to shopping for topical pain relief products. The industry is a bit of a Wild West these days with a new brand popping up every day and a myriad … Read More

CBD Topicals And What To-Look For On Their Labels

CBD: it’s the molecule of the year. From seemingly out of nowhere, CBD has found its way into health food stores, gas stations (yes, really), doctor’s offices, and mainstream media outlets. In a very real sense, CBD’s popularity has outpaced … Read More

CBD 101

What Is CBD — And What Can It Do For Me? CBD is a natural chemical compound from the cannabis plant…and it’s popping up everywhere, from pet products and pain relief gels, to infused drinks and cookies. Short for cannabidiol, … Read More